HERITAGE BREEDS - Each year we buy a mixed batch of heritage breed turkeys that can include Blue Slate, Naraganset, Bourbon Red, Royal Palm, Black Spanish and others. All of these older breeds share the characteristics of stronger constitutions, lower feed consumption, and smaller, less meaty bodies & significantly smaller breasts. The meat, however, has a much more robust flavor than more modern turkey breeds.

BROAD BREASTED BREEDS - These are the most commonly grown bird with a larger, bulkier body and large, plump breast. They grow to size more quickly and come in two varieties - dark feathered and white feathered. Unlike large turkey producers, we give ours plenty of space to wander and forage, as well as lots of green plants and vegetables, so the meat is very flavorful and less fatty.
Our Bird Breeds
What We Make & Sell
 From Our Turkeys
 Whole Bird  Smoked Turkey (Shredded Pieces & Whole Breasts)
 Leg & Thighs Ground Turkey
 Breast (Bone-in, Skin-on)
 Smoked Turkey Spread
 Breast (Boneless, Skinless)  Sausages (10 flavors. Bulk only, no links)
 Soup Bones (Trimmed Backs, Wings & Carcasses)  Broth - bones, skin, trim cooked for 48 hrs & filtered. Nothing else added.
   Our turkeys are raised in a series of open pasture areas throughout the farm, just like the chickens and ducks. We raise small groups of turkeys on and off throughout the year, and a larger batch for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Some of the birds are raised in a turkey 'tractor', a moveable pen that allows them to be completely secure but on fresh grass as the pen gets moved across our largest pasture. As with the other birds, the turkeys get legumes and grains once a day and can forage the rest of the time. The turkeys also benefit from food we grow specifically for them - squashes, sunflowers, and amaranth as well as any other surplus from the garden at the end of the season.