We mix and match several breeds. Our two males (bucks) are New Zealands and our females (does) include Chinchilla, New Zealand, California, Cinnamon, and Argente Champagne. These breeds produce a 2.5 - 3.5 finished carcass with an excellent meat to bone ratio.
Our Rabbit Breeds
What We Make & Sell
 From Our Rabbits
 Whole Rabbit  Smoked Rabbit (Shredded Pieces & Whole Parts)
 Hind Quarters (back leg & thigh)  Pate'
 Fore Quarters (front leg & shoulder)
 Sausages (10 flavors. Bulk only, no links)
 Loin  Livers
 Flank  Ground Rabbit
 Breast/Ribs  Tanned Hides
 Broth - bones & trim cooked for 48 hrs & filtered. Nothing else added.  
   Our rabbits are raised in pens under a small grove of cottonwood trees which provide shade and quietude. They are fed pelletized grass & grain along with lots of fresh vegies, herbs, and weeds from our gardens. Rabbit meat is very lean with a mild flavor. At first bite, the meat resembles chicken in texture and flavor, then a subtle but distinctive flavor develops. Because of the lack of fat in the meat, rabbit is typically braised (simmered in some kind of liquid) for more or less an hour. Rabbit is a meat used in many classic French recipes. Typically, those recipes call for some combination of white wine, garlic, onion, Dijon mustard and thyme. We like to combine onion, garlic, balsamic vinegar, dried fruit like cherries, cranberries, or plums and a few simple herbs like rosemary or mint. Rabbit is also excellent smoked or grilled on low heat, but it must be brined first.