WHITE PEKINS - This is the only breed we raise. They are a large-bodied bird that cannot fly which makes it easier to keep them in their pasture with simple fencing. They produce a tender meat with perfectly balanced flavor - not gamey, but good & 'ducky'. They also produce a nice amount of fat that we render for cooking oil (absolutely scrumptious for frying vegetables). From Spring to Autumn, we keep a population of these ducks as egg layers.
Our Bird Breeds
What We Make & Sell
 From Our Ducks
 Whole Bird  Smoked Duck (Shredded Pieces & Whole Breasts)
 Leg/Thigh Combo  Pate'
 Breast (Bone-in, Skin-on)
 Smoked Duck Spread
 Breast (Boneless, Skinless)  Sausages (10 flavors. Bulk only, no links)
 Soup Bones (Trimmed Backs, Wings & Carcasses)  Livers & Hearts
 Fat - rendered & ready to cook with  Duck Breast Prosciutto
 Broth - bones, skin, trim cooked for 48 hrs & filtered. Nothing else added.  Ground Duck
   Our ducks are raised in a series of open pasture areas throughout the farm, just like the chickens. We raise two or three generations of birds on these pastures until they have nibbled away most of the green material. Then we let the space rest, let the ground take advantage of the well-fertilized soil, overseed it, and wait for it to grow up lush and green again. By the time it is recovered, it is time to move another round of birds onto it.

  We have planted many fruit trees around the perimeters of the bird pastures to provide shade as well as food when the fruits ripen and begin to fall. While the birds are on pasture, we feed them legume and grain feed once a day in the morning. After that, they are on their own to run around and forage for their food naturally. At various times of the year we might raise chickens, ducks, turkeys, or geese on any of the pastures.