Our chickens are given certified organic feed and are raised in a series of open pasture areas throughout the farm. We raise two or three generations of birds on these pastures until they have scratched and eaten most of the green material. Then we let the space rest, let it take advantage of the lightly tilled and fertilized soil, overseed, and wait for it to grow up lush and green again. Then it is time to move another round of birds onto it.

  We have planted many fruit trees around the perimeters of the bird pastures to provide shade as well as food when the fruits ripen and begin to fall. While the birds are on pasture, we feed them certified organic legumes and grain feed once a day in the morning. After that, they are on their own to run around and forage for their food naturally. At various times of the year we might raise chickens, ducks, turkeys, or geese on any of the pastures.
CORNISH CROSS - Our main meat bird breed is the Cornish Cross, known for it's large, full breast and overall plump, muscular appearance. This is the same breed that you commonly find in any grocery store, but the difference is how it is raised. If you give the animal incentive and opportunity to move around, explore, and forage, you will get an animal that is healthier, more flavorful, and more healthful for you. Even though this breed has been selectively bred to potentially reach butchering size in 6 weeks, ours take 8-12 weeks because they get a lot of exercise and eat a wider range of foods that are not designed to make the birds grow abnormally fast. You can definitely taste the difference!

RED RANGER - We raise smaller batches of Rangers along with the Cornish, and then switch to Rangers primarily in the colder months. The Red Ranger is an older breed with a less pronounced breast, longer legs and meat with a more robust flavor. Interestingly, even though these birds have a more slender body conformation, they accumulate body fat more readily than do the Cornish Crosses. This helps makes them more hardy during the colder months of the year. They take a couple of weeks longer than the Cornish to get to size, but the superb flavor of the meat is worth the wait.
Our Bird Breeds
What We Make
 From Our Chickens
 Whole Bird  Smoked Chicken (Shredded Pieces & Whole Breasts)
 1/2 Bird  Pate'
 Leg/Thigh Combo
 Smoked Chicken Spread
 Drumsticks  Sausages (10 flavors. Bulk only, no links)
 Thighs  Livers
 Breast (Bone-in, Skin-on)  Hearts
 Breast (Bone-in, Skinless)  Feet
 Breast (Boneless, Skinless)  Heads
 Wings  Ground Chicken
 Soup Bones (Trimmed Backs & Carcasses)  
 Gizzards (cleaned, ready to cook)  
 Fat - rendered & ready to cook with (also called Schmaltz)  
 Broth - bones, skin, trim cooked for 48 hrs & filtered. Nothing else added.