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Dog & Cat Snacks
Pet Treats
   We raise all of our animals in a series of pastures throughout the property. With the poultry, we feed certified organic food and practice pasture rotation to keep the land and animals healthy. Our rabbits enjoy life in spacious hutches under the shade and protection of a Cottonwood grove.

   Our attitude in raising animals for meat goes like this - we thoroughly enjoy the company and antics of all of our animals as we care for them each day. When it comes time for them to become food, we treat them with respect and compassion. Every animal we process is given a prayer of gratitude for its existence.
   We grow many of the plants used in our landscaping projects and our main focus is on integrating food producing plants into the landscape.

   We have many varieties of blueberries, currants, raspberries, fruit trees, and, most recently, a selection of vegetables from the Andes Mountains region.

   We also grow a nice selection of native plants, many of which are food producers as well.
   We produce the highest quality pet treats here at the farm.

   Our catnip is harvested by hand at it's peak potency and only the leaves and buds are used. There is no filler and no waste material added. Guaranteed to cross your cat's eyes and make their knees buckle.

   Other treats are made from dehydrated organ meat from our poultry and rabbit processing. We try to not let anything go to waste and are always finding new (and nutritious) uses for everything we grow.
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