December 21, 2015

Winter Solstice 2015:
   This is my favorite day of the year. The shortest day, least amount of light, longest stretch of no sun. Tonight, in less than a heartbeat, the declination grinds to a stop, changes course and begins to run the opposite direction. Tomorrow’s light will last a fraction of a second longer than today’s and THAT is what makes it so delicious. The anticipation of an improved tomorrow, however miniscule the improvement, is what gets me all wiggly inside. In celebration I shall drop trou, shake my bad ass at the old season, tie a bell on my ding dong, grab an elder branch for baton, and lead my dogs in a shuffling conga line around the farm, cheering on the light.

...or, maybe I’ll settle for wearing an all-day grin so wide it puts creases in my earlobes.

Hugs to all on the Winter Solstice. There is now more light in which to see the good in the world.